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Nightly Reflection

Resolved: 8. Nightly Reflection

Resolved, to close each day with an honest, Spirit-led reflection on the moments in which God’s grace has been most evident as well as the moments in which I’ve fallen short.

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Best Conversation Ever

Resolved: 7. The Best Conversation Ever

Resolved, to maintain an open conversation with God about what’s going on within my heart and mind.

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Pray Without Ceasing

Resolved: 6. To Pray Without Ceasing

Resolved, to pray without ceasing; knowing in single-minded faith that God can and will provide an answer to those prayers.

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4 Ways to Overcome Fear

4 Decisive Ways to Conquer Fear Today

Fear will rule your life and control your every decision. It will steer you right into the ground if you let it. If we’re going to accomplish anything in this life, we’ve got to overcome fear.

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