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Only Proud People Use Humility

Proud Humility

I popped into a Twitter chat about leadership and humility last night. One of the questions posed was this:

“Is humility technique or character?”

One of the folks in the chat loosely defined humility as a “tool” to be “used.” In essence, humility is a crescent wrench in the leader’s proverbial toolbox. I don’t like this idea. I don’t like it one bit. Starting with the definition of the word, here’s why.


Digital Identity Crisis: Are You Really Who You Blog You Are?

Digital Reputation Management…or who you Tweet you are?

Facebook? LinkedIn? Chat?

I’m asking because this new explosion of social media has created a billion bite-sized authors; each one published and readily available to influence the masses. Everyone has a story to tell and an outlet in which they can tell it. This is a truly wonderful thing. We all have a voice.


Why Pride Will Ruin Your Life

Prideful Lion - Pride Will Ruin Your LifeI’m writing today’s post because pride is the sin I struggle with the most. It lays heavy on my heart. Pride has caused me to stumble numerous times in my life and I fear it will do the same to each and every leader who succumbs to its subtle embrace…

Here’s what pride will tell you:


7 Signs That You Need to Get Over Yourself

7 Signs You Need To Get Over YourselfAs leaders, we can take ourselves a little too seriously sometimes. We’re at the helm of the ship, so we feel like we’ve got to have our game faces on 24/7. We try to portray perfection and embody some idealistic model of the uber-leader.

We take the focus off of our vision and we place it on who we are and what we want as opposed to what our mission really needs.

We trick ourselves into thinking we’re some infallible being and that everything that we do has to fall in line with that definition. This can come from a prideful place. It can also come from an insecure place. Either way, this is an unhealthy way of doing things.

You’ve gotta get this in check before you find yourself at the top of the ivory tower delivering proclamations down to your people like the mighty white wizard…