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Ocean of Glory

Drowning in An Ocean of Glory

As I stood by the ocean this past weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking about just how incredibly vast it is. There are 332 million cubic miles of water on the Earth….

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Religion Lies

Dead Trees Don't Grow Apples

Today I wrote a guest post for my good friend Grant Jenkins. Here’s an excerpt: We seem to be under the impression that we have the power to fix people; that we can simply tell them to stop sinning and that they will. We even go so far as to expect people to make that […]

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Turn and Become Like Children

Turn and Become Like Children

This is what Jesus meant when He said we would have to become like children.

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Blessing of Conviction

The Blessing of Conviction

As we peel back the layers of our own dysfunction and sin, we experience great conviction. Sometimes, it feels like God is taking a wrecking ball to our lives.

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Planning - In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him

In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him

If we acknowledge God in all we do, we save ourselves from the effects of pride, arrogance, haughtiness, despair, hopelessness, folly, and so much more.

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victory in Christ

What If We've Already Won?

We spend most of our days fighting to ‘solve’ so many ‘problems.’ We’re always sprinting towards the next solution. We strive for a state of peace. Would our lives look different if, instead of racing to the finish line, we graciously walked towards the winner’s circle?

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7 Things You Need To Stop Doing Today

7 Things You Need to Stop Doing Right Away

You and I need to stop conforming to the same old patterns based on the same old lies that this world wants to sell us. Instead, we need to move forward in light of the only real Truth we have in God’s Word.

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3 Key Elements of a Biblical Influencer

3 Key Elements of a Biblical Influencer

The story of Samuel’s life provides an excellent pattern for becoming a leader of great influence.

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Faith Based Leadership | 7 Traits of a Great Leader

7 Traits of a Great Leader

So what does a biblically-rooted leader look like? We get a magnificent overview of what roles a great leader should take on from 2 Timothy Chapter 2.

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