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Drowning in An Ocean of Glory

Ocean of Glory

As I stood by the ocean this past weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking about just how incredibly vast it is. There are 332 million cubic miles of water on the Earth. That’s 36.6 sextillion gallons. If sextillion isn’t a readily accessible number, think of 1000 trillions.

Still lost in the magnitude? That’s ok. There is nothing I can do to help you wrap your head around the sheer volume of water contained on the surface of this planet. It’s an unfathomable quantity.

We must accept the fact that we aren’t able to comprehend it.


Dead Trees Don't Grow Apples

Religion LiesToday I wrote a guest post for my good friend Grant Jenkins.

Here’s an excerpt:

We seem to be under the impression that we have the power to fix people; that we can simply tell them to stop sinning and that they will. We even go so far as to expect people to make that life change before they’re allowed to meet Christ.

This is a lie called “religion.”

You can read the rest of this post on religion’s lies about morality on Grant’s blog.


Turn and Become Like Children

Turn and Become Like Children

I can’t tell you the past couple of days that I’ve had. I can only attempt to put them into words. The depth of love and wisdom that’s been bestowed on me has just been unreal. For that reason, I’m breaking the chain in my resistance series for today.

It started yesterday with a solid heart to heart with Blake Bergstrom, one of the pastors at my church. He told me some things I needed to hear and encouraged me in some important ways. It continued today with my good friend Travis Robertson, who has been an enormous blessing in more ways than I can count.

Tonight was the perfect culmination. The father of a good friend of mine was in town on business, so he offered to take our mens’ group to dinner. The eight of us gathered and had an incredible meal. I promise you, the food had nothing to do with it.


The Blessing of Conviction

Blessing of ConvictionA common theme has been coming up in my life over the past few days. It is the idea of conviction. I’m not talking about conviction in the sense of a firmly held belief. Nor am I speaking about a guilty verdict in a courtroom, although that concept may apply.

The conviction I’m talking about is a personal recognition of error and need for change. I’d like to unpack that a little more by starting out with what conviction is not.


In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him

Planning - In All Your Ways Acknowledge HimSometimes, we’ve got our plan all worked out. We know exactly what we’re doing, where we’re doing it, why we’re doing it, and how it’s all going to shake out. This is a ‘safe’ place to be.

Other times, we’re twisting in the wind. A few key pieces didn’t come together and now the bottom is dropping out. We’ll figure out our next move when it happens to us. This is a ‘dangerous’ place to be.


What If We've Already Won?

victory in ChristWhat if we knew that every battle we were getting ready to face this week has already been fought and won for us?

  • Every personal addiction problem.
  • Every strained relationship.
  • Every troubling business situation.
  • Every financial security concern.
  • Every fight to please the people around us.

We spend most of our days fighting to ‘solve’ these ‘problems.’ We’re always sprinting towards the next solution. We strive for a state of peace. How would our lives look different if, instead of racing to the finish line, we graciously walked towards the winner’s circle?


7 Things You Need to Stop Doing Right Away

7 Things You Need To Stop Doing TodayIf any of these messages is for you, you’ll get it. If not, you won’t. Either way, I love ya.

Stop Saying No

Stop saying no to the things that will stretch you. Stop depriving yourself of amazing opportunities in which you can meet new people, try new things, and truly grow. Stop saying no to the calling God has placed on your heart.

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Tim 1:7


3 Key Elements of a Biblical Influencer

3 Key Elements of a Biblical InfluencerYou know you’ve arrived at a significant level of influence within your nation when you are the one God chooses to anoint the king. Samuel was that kind of guy; chosen by God to lead his people as prophet and judge.

The Lord had a mighty plan for him and the story of Samuel’s life provides an excellent pattern for becoming a leader of great influence. Let’s take a look.


7 Traits of a Great Leader

Be sure to pick up your FREE copy of ‘7 Traits of a Great Leader.‘ You’ll find an updated and expanded-upon compilation of all this series on leadership.


Faith Based Leadership | 7 Traits of a Great Leader

We’ve been talking about building foundations and how important that is to bothpersonal and corporate success. In my last post, we talked about leaders having to stand upon a firm basis of character, integrity, and identity. I promise you, I can ask 10 different people what those principles look like to them, and I’ll get 10 different definitions. Luckily, the Bible contains a wealth of information on the subject.