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What's Your Problem?

What's  your problem?

I’m writing for you.. most of the time.

Sometimes, I like to write for me.

But most of the time I’m writing for you. I want to add a little value to your lives. I love helping people find information, think through things, and create solutions. That said, I need to know what your problems are before we start trying to solve them.


2 Pesky Problems With Playing Perfect

2 Pesky Problems With Playing PerfectLeaders, we absolutely love playing perfect.

We’re the head honchos, the boss men. We’re in charge, so of course we’ve got everything together. We say jump and our followers ask “how high?” We don’t make mistakes. Our word is law, so you better get in line. We’ve got the benefit of years of experience, vision, resources, and wisdom. We’re the bees’ knees.

Do you agree? Is this you?


Make Your Team Dangerous: The 5 Step Guide

Make Your Team Dangerous in 5 StepsYou want your team to be dangerous, right?

Don’t be shy. I know I do.

I want my business to be dangerous for my competitors the same way Coca-Cola wants to be dangerous for Pepsi. I want my service and non-profit work to be dangerous for social injustice and poverty the same way that A21 Campaign wants to be dangerous for human traffickers.

I want my business and my ministry to be dangerous!

Is this a radical way of looking at things?