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Making the Most of Your Time

Resolved: 17. 7 Steps to Making the Most of Your Time

Resolved, to make the most of my time by paying close,prayerful attention to how and where I spend it.

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Moleskin - My favorite piece of technology.

My Favorite Piece of Technology

Don’t get bogged down with your technology today. Embrace something simple and make it work for you. Yes, I love my Twitter and I’ll check email at least 10 times today. Still, nothing carries me further than my little black moleskine.

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time management

How to Save Time, Stay Focused, and Be More Productive

Time blocking is an absolutely essential time management skill if you want to save time, stay focused, and become more productive

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The 5 Benefits of Saying No

5 Lovely Benefits of Saying No

No is an ugly word that us people-pleaser types just hate using. We want to say yes to every little opportunity that comes our way. I’ll take this project, that project, and every project in between. Before I know it, I’ll have 26 hours each day committed to fulfilling the requests I said yes to.

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4 Time Management Fails | Kenny Silva

4 Time Management Mindset Fails

I’m sorry to be the bearer of good news, but you’re not too busy to do anything. Our schedule is the product of our own design, whether we acknowledge that or not. To deny this simple fact is to forfeit responsibility for our most precious and painfully finite resource.

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