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How to Save Time, Stay Focused, and Be More Productive

time management

Save time. Stay focused. Be more productive.

Lofty goals for a 655 word how-to guide right? Not really when you realize these three objectives can easily be accomplished by learning a little time management trick called time blocking.

I was having a conversation with my business partner, Josh, yesterday about our goals for the week. We came to the realization that if we were faithfully time blocking our days, we’d accomplish in 5 hours what we normally allotted 8 hours for. I used to be a time blocking rock-star, but have fallen from grace a bit these past few months. This post is my recommitment to sound time management.

You’re coming along for the ride. Here’s how we do it…


4 Time Management Mindset Fails

No sunshine and lollipops today. This is a challenging post. Please know that I still love you.

4 Time Management Fails | Kenny SilvaI do a lot of stuff; you can ask me sometime and I’ll tell you all about it. A lot of people have been asking me how I make time to do this stuff; wether its reading a book or two a week on top of daily scripture study, writing a blog post every weekday, running a real estate business, serving my community, and so on.

People think I’m some kind of time management ninja. I promise, I’m not…