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The Freedom of God and Man

Freedom of God and Man

From Kenny: Yet another guest post from Tim Price. Check out his last couple posts False Teaching and the Centrality of the Gospel.

God is free.

God is not governed by this world. Nothing in it dictates His will for it. Nothing that happens thwarts him or catches him off guard. He does whatever He pleases whenever He wants with the power of the universe in His hands. Can you imagine that? Can your brain actually come close to grasping the height and depth of this reality?

Although God is not governed by this world, He is actively working in it. And it is still here. This is dumbfounding. I mean, look at this world. If you had His power and took one look at our situation, wouldn’t you scrap it? Or at least start over? I probably would. I hate so many things here. I hate sin and the effects it has on us. I hate murder and adultery. I hate sickness and death. I think hating these things is appropriate, because the truth is that they’re awful. If I had power to rule the universe, I would certainly do something about this broken world with my freedom.

The good news is that God, in His freedom, has done something. He planned on doing something from the beginning (Gen. 3:15). And the even better news is that He is not me and isn’t doing something that an impatient self-righteous person like me would do. In His goodness, He made a plan. His plan is not to do away with us. It is not to abandon us. It is not to torment us. It is to save us and so much more.

In His freedom to do whatever He wanted with a bunch of rejects who rejected Him, He chose to live amongst us and to be the person He is. With infinite love, He freely chose to endure homelessness, rejection, hatred, torture to the point of death for us. This was an act He did that was entirely unconditional. He is conditioned to nothing but himself.

So when I hear about God being bound by no one and doing what He did, I know too that in the most paradoxical way, I am free in being a slave to him. How could someone who did what He did for us impose rules on us as if to put us back into a different kind of slavery. No, at the beginning of the ten commandments God says, “I am the lord your God, who brought you out of slavery.” Then He gives us the commandments. Obedience to him, then, is what freedom looks like. In obedience to the liberating God of this universe, I share in his freedom.

I am free.

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