The #RealFF Challenge

Real Follow Friday

The other day I wrote a post about why #FollowFriday is a joke. If you haven’t already, head over there and then come right back. Then, you’ll be ready for the challenge…

The #RealFF Challenge

Today, we’re going to focus on adding value to people’s lives by suggesting quality folks for them to follow. This is how we’re going to do it:

#RealFF @username (because/for/to) insert reason here

I’ll share my #RealFFs here as well as in my stream:

  • #RealFF @anidolheart to learn a ton about #engagement.
  • #RealFF @travisro because he’ll make you better at business and life.
  • #RealFF @michaelhyatt for incredible leadership insight.
  • #RealFF @pwilson for Godly wisdom.
  • #RealFF @PastorMark for rock solid Biblical preaching and teaching.
  • #RealFF @courtenayrogers because she’s a consumate connector and sweetheart.
  • #RealFF @jwidmer for incredible digital marketing geniusery.
  • #RealFF @jeff_goins because he’s not afraid to speak the truth boldly.
  • #RealFF @jwd2a because his mind works unlike anyone else’s that I know.
  • #RealFF @joey_strawn for blogging advice that doesn’t suck.

I like to overachieve so I’ve got 10. I’m only asking you for 5. So let’s get started.

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