There's So Much More…

A little break from my Resolved series…

There’s so much more.

Whatever drug you’re about to use, whether its alcohol, television, sex, or food – the joy it proposes is a just a tiny shadow of the infinite joy that’s already been offered to you.

There’s so much more.

Whatever dark place that you’re about to go into, the comfort it offers is nothing compared to the eternal embrace of our great Comforter.

There’s so much more.

Whatever principle you’re about to compromise on, the reward it promises pales in comparison to that ultimate reward already laid up in Heaven.

There’s so much more.

Whatever lie you’re about to tell, the temporary shelter it provides will never supply you with the ultimate protection you so desperately seek.

There’s so much more.

A God who would send His only Son to redeem and restore you in spite of those things.

A God who could look at you and only see the righteousness of Christ.

A God who freely offers you endless hope, joy, and peace in Him.

There’s nothing more.

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