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Thus Saith the Lord?

From Kenny: This is another guest post from Tim Price. Tim’s a student at Belmont University and will be writing on my blog for the next few month as a part of his senior internship. Do us a favor and leave your comments below so that Tim can learn how to deal with a real, live internet fire storm.

thus saith the lordThe other day I got upset. I don’t usually get upset. Even before I was a Christian, I didn’t have much of a temper and always tried to look at the positive side of things. Sometimes to the point where it got unhealthily optimistic, like…

“Hey Tim your arm is on fire!”
“Oh Haha, I should probably put that out huh?”

I tried not to take life so seriously. It couldn’t hurt you as much that way.

So, this whole “getting angry” thing doesn’t happen often. But here I was, at a concert. It was great. I was with close friends. Music was good. All was well. At the end of the concert though, a man got up on stage and began to pray for everyone. The first thing he said was something about praying in the Spirit and “Spirit languages.” I used to be judgemental of this, but have since gained a better appreciation for the different veins of Christianity.

I prepared myself to listen and be healthily optimistic about this situation….

A lot of what he said was wonderful. He rebuked things such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and encouraged people to be honest about their struggles. Somewhere in the middle of this twenty minute prayer, however, he said something that lit me on fire in a bad way.

He said, “Tonight there is a girl in here who is struggling with depression.” This was not about someone he had just spoken to, it was a “prophetic word” about someone in the room. He went on to say, “The Lord says tonight you will no longer struggle with depression!”

At the words, “The Lord said,” my stomach turned. It took me awhile to figure out why I was so upset. As I calmed down I began to think of what I thought was wrong with what he said.

Here’s what I came up with.

That room was full of girls. What are the odds that many of them struggle with depression? So, even if what he said came true for that one girl, what do you think that does to all the girls that go home, still depressed, and realize that this guy’s “word” must not have been for them?

There are many conclusions they can come to.

  • I wasn’t lucky enough to be “chosen” to be set free tonight, maybe next time.
  • I’m not special enough.
  • I didn’t DO enough.

When speaking from a microphone, to shout something like that and tag it with a “Thus saith the Lord” without grounding any of it in Scripture is a great way to make yourself God. The problem is, God may never have said that girl wouldn’t struggle with depression anymore. In the Bible, He says many wonderful things about depression and what we should believe about it.

We need His Word, not ours.

I think the words this guy spoke can be incredibly harmful to those young girls who don’t understand much about how God works in us, with us, against us, and through us in our times of struggle. Do you agree?


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