Video: Weekly Wrap-Up April 8th, 2011

Here’s what happened this week in color: Weekly Wrap-Up – April 8th from Kenny Silva on Vimeo.


Monday: Waking the Leader Within

Everyone of us is a leader because we all have influence.

Tuesday: Leaders are Readers – How to Develop a Reading Plan

Knowledge is power. Reading is essential for any leader looking to develop his or her skills.

Wednesday: 6 Ways to Take Advantage of Others’ Leadership Experience

There are more experienced leaders all around us. We can learn from them.

Thursday: The World is a Classroom – Are You Paying Attention?

The world around you is just itching to teach you something. You just have to listen.

Next Week:

We’re moving on to a discussion about the heart qualities of a leader. We’ll be looking at the topics of vision, passion, boldness, and joy. I can’t wait!

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