What Are You Built Upon?

If you didn’t know, my primary vocation is real estate. You can learn more about that by visiting The Silva Group. When I take clients out to see homes and they find one they really like, I tend to disappear. They’re wandering around the house, dreaming about where to put furniture and what they’ll do in their new home, so they usually don’t notice.

Where did I go? 9 times out of 10, you’d find me under the house poking around. You can learn a lot about a house by carefully observing the foundation upon which it was built. I’m no structural engineer, and I’ve never to pretended to be one, but I know a solid foundation when I see one. If I see excessive cracks, displacement, poor craftsmanship, etc., you better believe we’re moving on to the next house.

Why? A house built on an weak foundation is unsafe, unsightly, and ultimately less valuable than one built upon a strong foundation.

In the grand scheme of things, a house is a relatively simple structure. It’s comprised of raw materials assembled in a logical order. They’re generally static and easy to manipulate. You pour the concrete; it cures and stays put. You build the frame (properly); and it holds. And so on… There’s really not too much to it.

My question to you: How can any business leader expect an organization, with all its moving parts, procedures, and people, to stand upon anything less than a comprehensively defined, clearly articulated, and well developed foundation?

They can’t.

A strong organizational foundation is prepared for and built in the beginning, but unlike a physical structure, lives and breathes. It permeates the organization’s culture. The vision cast from leadership, distributed by management, and implemented by the staff can only strengthen or weaken that foundation.

A break-down in any part of that chain leads to foundational weakening and is always proportional to the level in which the breakdown occurs. The responsibility falls to leadership to fully embody the principles upon which the organization is founded.

To quote the great leadership expert John C. Maxwell in his book Developing the Leader Within You, “Everything rises and falls with leadership.” If you doubt that fact, might I direct you to the image on the left?

So it’s up to strong leaders to lay strong foundations in order to grow strong organizations. Easier said than done. In order to lead effectively, one must stand firm upon their own foundation of character, integrity, and identity.

The Bible provides us with a seemingly endless supply of wisdom on the topic. Sometimes I’m nearly convinced that it was written for business people. God’s Word is where I find my foundation and where, I hope, you can find yours.

In the future, we’ll explore, at length, exactly what that looks like and how you can apply it to your life today. Subscribe to the feed and stick with us.

Question(s): What foundation do you stand upon?
Where do you go to define your principles?

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