What's Your Problem?

What's  your problem?

I’m writing for you.. most of the time.

Sometimes, I like to write for me.

But most of the time I’m writing for you. I want to add a little value to your lives. I love helping people find information, think through things, and create solutions. That said, I need to know what your problems are before we start trying to solve them.

I’ve spent my free time over the past week coming up with content for 2011. I’ve got some great things planned, but I want to make sure your needs are always covered.

So help me out. Tell me what your problem is.

  • Are you a small business owner who can’t really grasp this “social media” thing?
  • Are you struggling with business development?
  • Are you in serious need of some revamped marketing strategy?
  • Are you a team leader who can’t seem to motivate his people?
  • Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who just doesn’t know where to start?
  • Are you a business leader struggling to keep Jesus at the top of your org chart?
  • And so on…

Whatever the problem is, big or small, share it below in the comments section of this post. As the year rolls along, I’ll make every effort to focus on the specific needs of this community.

So tell me…

What’s your problem?

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