Why Don't I…

This is me at the intersection of knowing what I need to do and actually taking concrete action…

  • I know that the guy selling the homeless newspaper on the street corner can make a lot better use of a dollar than I can, so why don’t I just buy a paper?
  • I know that my business will grow and my student loans will disappear if I just spend a little more time looking for work, so why don’t I pick up the phone more often?
  • I know that my sense of intimacy with God will deepen if I would devote myself more heavily to prayer, so why don’t I hit my knees a little more often?

My relationships will deepen if I give a them little more energy, my craft will strengthen if I seek more opportunities to write, my experience will intensify if I step out of my comfort zoneSo why don’t I?

What is it in me that knows what God is calling me to do, but can’t bring myself to take the steps to make that happen? Maybe the problem is that I’m afraid to fail. Or perhaps, the problem is that I’m afraid to succeed.

Whatever it is, the resistance battles on to stake its claim.

Introspective as it may be, today’s post is not meant to be a hopeless lament from the bottom of the pit. Rather, I want it to be an encouraging plea from the temporary depths of our everyday trenches. In asking myself why, its my hope that you might ask yourself the same.

And so my parting question is this: Why don’t you?

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