You vs. The Resistance – Part 1: The Declaration of War

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I need this as much as you do…

You’ve been dreaming, scheming, pondering, and fantasizing about your new project. You’ve been playing out what if scenarios in your head. You can clearly see what your world will look like after you make this real. There’s only one thing standing in your way:


This is the critical moment where you decide what to do with this resistance.

  • Will you allow it to defeat you?
  • Will you simply choose to ignore it?
  • Will you stand up and fight against it?

Before you choose, I want to share a few things:

The Resistance Will Continually Attack You

Every decision you make will be tainted by fear. Each criticism you receive will cut straight to the heart. Your every move will be marked by trembling and trepidation. Your demons will control you. It’s impossible to remain passionate if you are under constant attack.

There is hope, but we’ve got to ask for it.

The Resistance Will Repeatedly Wound You

Under the weight of constant attack, you will struggle to move forward. You will be timid, when the situation calls for boldness. You will slowly limp to the market, miles behind your closest competitor. You will miss opportunity after opportunity.

There is hope, but we’ve got to look for it.

The Resistance Will Finally Kill You

Missed opportunity after missed opportunity will destroy your spirit. A passionless, joyless pursuit will lead to the ultimate demise of a once-promising endeavor. You had a brilliant idea, but the resistance killed it. In the process, it killed a little bit of you, too.

There is hope, but we’ve got to fight for it.

It’s Your Choice

Will you flush one more idea down the toilet, only to see it resurface a year later in the hands of another creator? Will you continue in quiet desperation because you aren’t doing what God has called you to do? Will you accept defeat before the first trumpet blows?

Or will we stand up and go to war together?

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