You vs. The Resistance – Part 2: Gathering Intelligence

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You vs the Resistance - Gathering IntelligenceSo you’ve decided to declare war on the resistance and move towards overcoming it.

That’s great. Before we can attack, we’ve got to know exactly what we’re dealing with. The first question to ask is whether your resistance is irrational or rational.

Odds are, it’ll be a mixture of both.

Irrational Resistance

The first step in this fight is to really figure out what’s going on inside of your head. This is a time for thorough self-examination. As much as it might hurt, you’re going to have to dig the depths of your soul to find out what’s holding you back.

Here’s a little exercise:

Put yourself into daydream mode. Start thinking about your idea, project, vision, etc. Feel free to let your imagination run wild. Now, shift from pie-in-the-sky to feet on the ground mode. Start thinking about actually putting the idea into motion.

Record your answers to the following questions:

  • How do you feel physically? I’ve had instances where I would start to feel physically anxious and unsettled at the idea of ‘taking the plunge.’  This is physical resistance.
  • How do you feel emotionally? If you’re overwhelmed and start to succumb to resistance, feelings of defeat and depression can start to take over. This is spiritual resistance.
  • What kind of dialogue are you kicking around? This is when the self sabotage starts to kick in. You tell yourself all sorts of lies about why your idea stinks and why it won’t work. Important: Write these down.

Keep a journal with you for a few days. Every time this type of resistance starts to spring up, record as much as you can about those thoughts. It will help you gain insight into your specific fears. It’ll also help you to actively fight against them.

Rational Resistance

It’s possible that you’re not really struggling with the irrational side of resistance. Your resistance can be of a much more tangible nature. In this case, we will need to take a more calculated and rational approach. To overcome these obstacles you’ll need a plan.

Another exercise:

Sit down and think about the nuts and bolts of your new venture. Get to know the ins and outs of what you’re doing and exactly what it’ll take to make it happen. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but use these questions to get you started.

Financial Obstacles

  • Do you have the cash on hand to get started?
  • If not, how much will you need to save?
  • How long will it take to save that money?
  • Are you currently in debt?
  • If so, how quickly can you pay down your consumer debt?
  • Do you have an emergency fund in place?

Scheduling Concerns

  • How much time will your new project require weekly?
  • Do you have the free time to take on this project?
  • What activities will you need to strip out of your life in order to make this happen?
  • Will you need to leave your current job?
  • What sort of family obligations will you need to sort out?

Technical Requirements

  • Will you need to purchase any specific equipment or software?
  • If so, what specific tools will you need?
  • Will you need to seek any training in these tools?
  • Do you require any specific certifications or licenses to start your new project?
  • Will you need to hire a designer, developer, programmer, etc. to help you get started?
  • If so, what specific help will you need?

You could go on and on for days with these types of questions. The point is to round up all of the information because the best method for attacking rational resistance is a well laid out plan.

Prepare to Charge

Now that we’ve gathered all of the necessary information, we can form a plan of attack and get down to business. Tomorrow, we take our intelligence and we go to battle. Stick around.

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