You vs. The Resistance – Part 3: The Irrational Battle

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Your Battle vs. the Resistance

Enough talk.

We’ve spent plenty of time dissecting and analyzing the varying qualities of the resistance. Yesterday, you gathered the intelligence needed for the fight.

Now its time for you to stand up and subdue the monster. Are you ready to go?

Fighting the Irrational Battle

Target Specific Weaknesses

Are you prone to physical resistance? If so, look at the various ways it manifests itself in your day. Let’s say that whenever you sit down to write for your new project, you get inordinately sleepy. That’s an example of a specific weakness. Make note of it for the next step.

With spiritual resistance, we need to focus on those specific weaknesses as well. Refer to the journal you kept while gathering intelligence in yesterday’s post. Look for trends. Is the majority of your negative internal dialogue revolving around one certain area?

Employ Surgical Strikes

I’m not a behavioral psychologist; these are just the things that have worked for me.

When it comes to physical resistance, I have to intentionally avoid the scenarios that allow me to succumb to that resistance. For example, I encounter the most physical resistance in the afternoon, so I have to plan all of my important activities for earlier in the day.

Also, you can avoid things like snacky hunger (my personal vice) and low energy by eating right and exercising regularly. It seems silly, but this kind of resistance can be extremely distracting. I’ve often made the mistake of trying to work through lunch. The result is my working at only 50% of my potential.

In the realm of spiritual resistance, we’re going to surgically attack the lies that you’ve been telling yourself. You need to recognize that every time you think you’re not “good enough” to accomplish something, that is a lie. Each fear and apprehension you have is essentially based on a lie.

At risk of sounding like a broken record, the only effective weapon against a lie is the truth.

  • My idea is stupid. It’ll never work.” A college student named Fred Smith got a poor grade in graduate school. He had written a business plan for a class that wasn’t quite good enough. His professor told him that his idea “would never work.” That idea would later become FedEx. You may have heard of them.
  • My last idea flopped. This one probably will too.” Henry Ford tanked business after business and went broke 5 times before he successfully launched Ford Motor Company.
  • I don’t know if I have the right education.” Bill Gates wandered around Harvard with no definite study plan until he dropped out in his Junior year to go and do his own thing. Last I checked, he was doing alright.

Celebrate Victories

Every step you take towards overcoming these specific areas of resistance is going to be exciting and affirming. You’ll conquer struggle after struggle. In the process, you’ll learn much more about what you’re truly capable. You’ll finally start to set yourself free.

As you progress along this path, take the time to celebrate your victories and mark your successes. I like to think of the concept of building altars. In the Old Testament, you would see people building altars to commemorate significant events. As they passed them daily, they would be reminded of God’s faithfulness.

Employ these tactics and you’ll find yourself on the way towards defeating the resistance. It will take a whole-hearted effort, but will be well worth the struggle.

What has worked for you in fighting to overcome irrational resistance?

I’ll be happy to share all of this with you in more detail within the coming weeks. I’ll be releasing all of this information in ebook form within the next few weeks. Also, I’ll be speaking on this subject at PodCamp:Nashville on the 26th. I’d love to see you there!

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