You vs. The Resistance – Part 4: The Rational Battle

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Rational Battle PlanOn Friday, we fought the irrational side of the battle against resistance.

Today we’re going to look at the more tangible, rational side of the fight. This approach will be less “touchy, feely” and more “go on and do it.”

Fighting the Rational Fight

Develop a Methodical Battle Plan

As the irrational fight targeted specific weaknesses, this fight will target specific obstructions. The best way to tackle an obstruction is to develop a plan for dealing with it. Refer back to your intelligence gathering from last week.

If we’re looking at finances, develop a new budget that accounts for your aggressive savings strategy. Develop weekly and monthly milestones in order to keep up with your forward motion. For more technical obstacles (education, tools, etc.) create another timeline. Be sure to include key dates and milestones in that plan as well.

Spare no detail here. The more specific you can be in this plan, the better.

Execute Your Plan Faithfully

As you start to knock down obstacle after obstacle, you’ll experience a magnificent psychological effect. Little victory after little victory will lead to forward momentum, confidence, and ultimately success. This energy will keep you strong as you fight this 2-front war.

Don’t be overly discouraged if some goals take a little longer to accomplish than others. Be honest with yourself and constantly reassess the situation. Irrational resistance will cause you to make mountains out of molehills when it comes to missed milestones.

Conversely, don’t allow the irrational resistance to lead to a cop out. It’s one thing to miss your savings milestone for this month because a tree fell on your car. It’s quite another because you decided to self-medicate with a couple of new video games and a trip to the bar.

Balance is the key and wisdom is the lock.

Track and Display Your Forward Progress

Wether its a checklist or a gold-star chart, find a way to track your forward momentum. Keep it in a prominent place so you can always be reminded of how much closer you’re getting to putting your idea into motion.

As I mentioned in the post on battling irrational resistance, I love the concept of building altars. Every time you hit a major milestone in this battle, find a way to commemorate it. Those altars are what you will look to when you start to lose faith. They will be what keep you on course when your resolve starts to dwindle.

What’s Next?

We make peace. We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

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