You vs. The Resistance – Part. 5: The Peace Treaty

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Peace Treaty

You will never annihilate the resistance.

I hope that doesn’t scare you or discourage you, but it is the truth. It will always be there. What we can do, however, is learn to subdue and make our peace with it. In the end, we can actually find the resistance to be a good thing when we understand how to control it.

How Can It Be a Good Thing?

Think about a majestic bald eagle flying through the air. That massive bird commands the sky, but still doesn’t fly as quickly and effortlessly as he potentially could. The resistance in the air holds him back. If he were to remove that resistance completely, he could really soar.

Or could he?

Although that resistance is forming a slight barrier, its performing a much more important task in the flight of this eagle. That resistance is the very wind beneath his wings. In this sense, the resistance is the actual force that allows the eagle to fly. If we removed it completely, that eagle would drop like a stone.

We Can Relate

If you’ve ever been into weight training of any kind, then you understand this principle. When you lift, you fight the resistance of gravity. If you load the bar with too much weight, you will not be able to lift it. The resistance wins. You lose.

Or, you can put no weight on the bar and pump that thing up and down until Jesus comes back. In this scenario, you win and the resistance loses; but, you don’t grow. The resistance has tricked you into thinking that you can defeat it by pretending it doesn’t exist.

Peace in Balance

The answer is found in the balance. Somewhere in between lifting air and being crushed by the bar, you find the sweet spot. As you push through that resistance, you grow. You go from where you are to where you want to be.

Your idea goes from a thought in your mind to words on paper.

It’s up to you to find that sweet spot and to subdue the resistance and put it there in its place. When you learn to deal with and overcome resistance, you’re not learning to remove it all together. What you are learning is how to deal with it. It is your job to keep it in its place.

A few closing observations:

The Resistance is a Sign

A vision which costs nothing and demands nothing is worth nothing. I find that in 97.3% of the cases, anything worth doing is going to be difficult. You will experience the resistance. Take it as a sign that what you are doing actually means something.

The Resistance Does Not Own You

You’re in charge here. The resistance will continually try to break your ‘peace treaty’ and elevate itself to a higher position. You must continually be on guard to insure that this doesn’t happen. Keep it in its place. Don’t let it hold you down.

The Resistance Will Keep You Humble

We’ve all met the proud people who act like they’ve got it all together. You can be that person, too, if you decide to pretend like the resistance isn’t real. You can brush it aside and tell the world that you don’t struggle. Be prepared, however, because the resistance will come back to get you.

The Resistance Can Teach You

As you overcome the lies and the obstacles that resistance places in your path, you get to learn about who you really are. The resistance will tell you that you can’t do something. When you tell yourself that you can and you prove yourself right, you get that much closer to the truth.

The Resistance Can Teach Others

None of us live in a bubble. Our decisions and actions affect more people than we know. As you struggle to overcome the resistance, you are living out a testimony that it can be done. As you build out an idea that matters, the world will see it.

When you succeed where they said you can’t, others will take notice. Every step you take against the resistance is like a shining light to the people around you who struggle the same way you struggle. Let your battle be the encouragement that helps them work through their own resistance.

Keep it strong. I’m pulling for you.

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